Since taking over at Henley House in 2006 I have invested heavily in improving and updating the facilities. As a result we now have state-of-the-art dental facilities and modern digital X-ray and ultrasound technology. We also have ECG and blood pressure monitoring. We have an extensive in-house laboratory and a local specialised clinical laboratory with a courier service which means we can usually get results within 24 hours. All the information gathered is stored on a modern clinical database which allows us to refer easily to results and, if necessary, email to specialists for second opinions. All this helps us to give your pets the best care we can.
Chris Hall


We recommend regular preventative dental care for all your pets. Our dental machine allows us to scale and polish your pet’s teeth just like we have at our dentist.

Digital X-ray:

Our modern digital X-ray machine allows rapid accurate radiographic examination of your pet and compact storage for future reference. It also allows us to email images to experts in various fields when specialist advice is required.


Ultrasound scanning is becoming increasingly useful for diagnosing abdominal or cardiac problems. We have a modern ultrasound machine just for this purpose.


At Henley House we are keen to use the latest technology to help your pets. This is why we have invested in a Class IV laser therapy unit (K-laser). This can be used to treat many things from routine surgical wounds to acute trauma, arthritis to skin disease or dental disease to ear infections. Ask for more information.

Operating Theatre:

Our operating area is clean and bright. Using closely monitored modern anaesthetic techniques we can perform all basic and some more complex surgery. Sometimes, if surgery is particularly complicated or requires specialised equipment we may need to refer your pet to a specialist. We are more than happy to advise and arrange this if required.

Car Parking:

We have ample on-site car parking to make your visit as easy as possible. We have a cosy, friendly waiting room and with our 15-minute appointment system you should never be waiting too long.